Sunday, February 5, 2017

5 Car Images for your Desktop Wallpaper

In this blog post I will share 5 images of car that can be free to download to your desktop. But for the start, I will breakdown the definitions of car, wallpaper, and images (LOL). Maybe it will be boring, but I promise you it will give us a little practice to scientific approach think (LOL again).

Car Images Wallpaper Breakdown

First we will talk about car definition. So, in our daily day we always meet this object (that called car). But what is really definition of car. Based on Wikipedia, car is that something have wheels, self powered (or have machine), and can be transporting people or goods.

In my biased opinion based on that definition, a flying car must have wheels so imagine that; modern and look so futuristic car that can be flying (oh damn!!) but oh look that car have wheels. This is absolutely broke my perfect imagination of future flying car. Why? I think (biased again)  wheels makes futuristic designed flying car so ugly and what wheels function for ? You just turn on engine and fly away.

Second, we will talk about wallpaper definition. What is definition of wallpaper? Again I will take definition from Wikipedia. My conclusion after read that link, wallpaper is a paper (or any materials) that use to cover building wall. That definition makes me think question: what is desktop wallpaper? I feel little stupid now, of course the answer was easy. The answer is that was a building named “Desktop” and covered by a paper so that building thing called desktop wallpaper.

Third, we talk about images (I feel smarter now with my scientific approach). So, Images is a manifesto of visual perception of an object or objects.  Hmm those words are too complicated to me. I think that perception word is about an opinion of something (visual). Opinion is so diverse from one people to another. I will more carefully now when I see images, because when I see “images thing” it will have different opinion from me, from images creator, and other people aside me that see that/those images.

Car Wallpaper Definition

Ha!! This is my conclusions for this blog post scientific approach. So a “car images desktop wallpaper” definition is “Something that wheels and self powered that manifested in visual perception (that must be careful when see it, if I don’t want to make wild debate with another people) near building named desktop that covered by paper or something”.

Damn I look smart now.

So I will search it on internet and give you best 5 car wallpaper for your dektop.

Here We Go

Damn look that thing have wheels near building named “Desktop”.

Shit that desktop building look amazing.

This is my perfect perception of a car thing.

So this is a thing that can transport peoples or goods.

Oops I’m forgetting to carefully giving opinion.

Hey Thanks for reading my stupid blog that makes me feel so smarter. Don’t forget to comment on my blog post. I hope you enjoy my blog post. I’m not usually writing a blog post, so I feel sorry if you waiting my next blog post (just stop wait it!).

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